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Biotreat Vascular is an innovative medical technology company that develops minimally invasive endovascular devices for the treatment of varicose veins, peripheral embolization, and hemorrhoidal disease. Our products are designed to make procedures easier to perform and more accessible to patients, while also addressing the challenges faced by medical operators.

We are committed to creating products that meet the needs of the market and improve the lives of patients. Our team of experts has a deep understanding of the vascular system and the challenges associated with treating these conditions. We are constantly innovating and developing new technologies to advance the standard of care.

We are proud to be a leader in the development of minimally invasive vascular treatment products. We are committed to providing patients with the highest quality care and to making a positive impact on the lives of those we serve.

Here are some specific ways that Biotreat Vascular's products streamline procedures and make them more accessible to patients:

  • Our products are designed to be easy to use, even for less experienced operators.
  • Our products are compatible with a variety of minimally invasive techniques, giving operators more flexibility.
  • Our products are cost-effective, making them more affordable for patients.

Biotreat Vascular is a company that is committed to innovation and patient care. We are constantly working to develop new technologies that improve the standard of care for vascular disease. We are proud to be a leader in the field of minimally invasive vascular treatment, and we are committed to making a positive impact on the lives of patients.

Our Team

Our company is made up of a team of specialists with many years of experience in the design, development and effective marketing, sales and distribution of medical devices to many markets around the world.

Meet us:

Justyna Dziedzic-Wińska

Originator of a new tool solution for varicose vein therapy by non-thermal and anesthesia-free embolization using cyanoacrylate adhesive (NTNT/CAC). R&D Project Manager. 20 years of experience in sales and distribution of minimally invasive medical devices in the field of vascular surgery. Trainer and lecturer on procedural techniques at international industry meetings, coordinator of clinical trials in the field of vascular surgery. Long-time active competitor in block archery. President of the "Baltic Arrow" sports association.

Mirosław Baszun
Chief Engineer

Chief engineer of the design of an improved tool solution for varicose vein therapy by non-thermal and anesthesia embolization, using cyanoacrylate adhesive (NTNT/CAC). Chief designer, head of the mechanical design studio in the field of industrial automation, in the military, mining and railroad industries. He has numerous designs for medical, sports, aerospace and industrial products including plastic products (including disposable medical sterile products), industrial devices made by CNC machining methods, prototypes and finished commercial products produced by incremental methods (3D printing), technical and strength FEA analysis.

lek. med. Michał Rogozik
Chief Medical Consultant

Specialist in general and vascular surgery. Senior assistant of the vascular surgery department of the MSWiA Hospital in Łódź. Author of public speeches and professional publications on treatment of thromboembolism, history of hip aneurysm treatment.

Volkan Tutay
Shareholder, Vice President, Export Sales Director

Expert in engineering, sales and implementation of medical devices. 15 years of experience as a medical device engineer in medical companies developing disposable medical devices for endovascular procedures. Expert in sales processes, production stages, regulations for introduction of newly developed product of medical device manufacturers into international markets. Provider of training in procedural methodology for medical specialists. Presenter of lectures and workshops at international industry meetings. Coordinator of clinical trials in the field of vascular surgery.

Małgorzata Gaweł
R&D Project Manager

Biomedical engineer with many years of experience in implementing projects in the medical device industry at every stage of the project. Creation of technical documentation, prototyping and testing, and implementation of products for mass production. Quality control of products at each stage of production. Manager of R&D project management and project team.

Wiktoria Pietrzykowska
R&D Project Manager

Chemical and process engineer, manufacturing engineer. Developer of process instrumentation projects. Author of work on electrochemical sensor for paracetamol detection.

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